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Hello! And welcome to "Following the Fosters". I am a second grade teacher who loves making kids feel safe, loved, and extra special! My husband is self employed and together we live a happily married life with our wonderful dog, Kiwi. We love spending time with each other, but more importantly we love serving God and putting others first. Thanks for stopping by and I hope you enjoy Following the Fosters!

Tuesday, April 26, 2011


Every time I log on to my blog, I tend to say "EEEK", because I notice that cute little countdown on the side of my page... GLUP. Time is flying by so fast. There are days when I am SO ready, and I can't wait, and then there are days that I say, Wait, slow down, you can't be approaching this fast. There is still so much to do, and I'm truly beginning to think so little time!

On another note....

Happy Belated Birthday to my Adorable Fiance!
Scott's birthday was on April 20th. He had been out of town since Monday, and was expecting to stay gone until the weekend, my God had another plan for him. Due to the inclement weather, he was able to come home sooner. Yay! because I got to see him sooner, Boo! because I don't have a gift yet! So I rushed around before I saw him on his birthday and bought him something. The sad thing is that that something I bought.... he already owns, the exact same pair! What are the odds! We both must have really good taste! He NEEDED a new pair of sunglasses, so I set out to buy him a pair, not really knowing what he might want, so I picked out the pair that I thought looked most like him, and YEP THEY SURE DO LOOK LIKE HIM!

Sunday, April 24, 2011

Engagement Announcement

Feel free to check out our Engagement Announcement at The Wedding Post of Arkansas!

*Also, if you would like an engagement or wedding announcement posted on here feel free to contact them at theweddingpost@gmail.com*

Saturday, April 9, 2011

Where Will The "I DO's" take place?

Hopefully it will be a beautiful sunny day here in Northwest Arkansas on June 25th. (But not too hot or humid!) Scott and I booked our ceremony at a beautiful outdoor chapel, St. Catherine's at Bell Gable.There are many places here in Northwest Arkansas to get married, but I feel like this is a beautiful place that not as many people know about! Hopefully someone else will be amazed by the beauty of the location, just like I was. = )