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Hello! And welcome to "Following the Fosters". I am a second grade teacher who loves making kids feel safe, loved, and extra special! My husband is self employed and together we live a happily married life with our wonderful dog, Kiwi. We love spending time with each other, but more importantly we love serving God and putting others first. Thanks for stopping by and I hope you enjoy Following the Fosters!

Saturday, February 12, 2011

Happy Birthday Jennifer

Happy Birthday to my Future Sister-N-Law!

Last night my brother and his fiance came "home." (Ok, home for me, but not for them) They had a fun day full of doctor appointments, lunch, trip to Hobby Lobby, and the tux store. But, to top the night off, we all went to dinner at Red Lobster. I enjoyed spending time with you guys! Love you both!

I hope you have a wonderful Birthday Jennifer and may all your dreams and wishes come true!

Friday, February 11, 2011

First Date

If you read my last post, then you know I left you hanging - wondering what in the world might have happened on that first date! Well it here goes.

For our first date, Scott and I went to the Arkansas Razorback Basketball game. Scott, being the sweet gentleman he is picked me up at my house.

Thoughts running through my head before that night approached.

  • Must go shopping to find a cute outfit.
  • What do I wear to a basketball game? Do I look cute, or go for the HOG look?
  • I'm nervous.
  • What do I say?
  • I'm stressing.
  • Oh dear, it's getting closer.
  • Did I mention I'm nervous.
  • Yep, definitely nervous.
When he picked me up, I answered the door, walked outside, then shut the door. Do I ask him to come inside for a minute. Or do I ask him if he's ready to meet my parents, because yes, I live at home! After I answer the door, I look at him in the eyes. Yep- Great Eyes.... and yes, he's tall, and cute, yep, he's got that going for him too. Ok, I can do this, I can go on my first blind date. Besides- he doesn't look to dangerous. = )

I was afraid the drive to the game would feel like forever, but it didn't at all. I quickly realized that Scott is very easy to talk too, and that we have a lot of stuff in common. For example:
  • Like to be outdoors
  • From small towns
  • Been to Honduras on a Mission Trip
  • HAVE and RIDE horses.... brownie points, cha ching!
  • Love Mexican Food
  • ...... list goes on.......

After we got to the game, we quickly walked inside because it was pretty cold outside.
Luckily, I know the guy taking tickets at the main entrance, so I was able to talk to him and feel and little more at ease.

Ok. The Good Part. Prepare yourself.

As we're finding our way to our seats, he stops and asks me if I want anything from the concession stand. Me being the crazy and nervous girl I am, would never actually getting anything to eat or drink in front of someone I don't even know. I know, I'm crazy! So, I say no. In the meantime, I see him starting patting his jeans, his fleece, and everywhere else on his body that might contain and pocket, then all of the sudden his face just sinks with a look of fear. His words were, you're not going to believe this but I forgot my wallet. I'm thinking, ummmm hmmmm sure, he's going to try to be funny on our first date, and use one of those famous lines, and try to get me to pay. So again I say, well, it's ok, I don't want anything, but if you want something, then I've got some money. But after I see him still patting away, I realize, oh my goodness, he's not kidding!

I honestly did not think anything of it, and did not think it was a big deal at all, but I could tell he was pretty upset about it. So, his solution was to find one of his friends at the game and borrow some money from him.

After the game I was starving and about to thirst to death, since I didn't get any food or water... ok not really. But we did head to Mojito's after the game. Who could go wrong with Mexican Food, and it's our favorite! During dinner, I think we both felt more at ease, and were talking about all kinds of stuff. I guess that night every time he said something that we had in common, I would say "Me Too" because now he gives me a hard time about it. You never know what you might say when you're sweat'n bullets. = )

After dinner, he dropped me off, gave me a hug, and asked me if we could hang out this weekend. My face lit up and all I could do was smile and nod my head yes.

It was a GREAT first date, even though he did forget his wallet. ; )

Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Hello Again!

If you have read my previous blog at Dull Day Diaries then you know it has been a long time since my last post. This year I have been finishing up my degree in Elementary Education, and have had the opportunity to student teach for one year. But, on top of that I have been trying to keep up with school, work, and a boyfriend! God has blessed me with a new man in my life, an amazing man! As a child you dream of that perfect man, and pray for God to bring him to you as soon as possible. But I've realized that when you quit looking and "wanting" God will bless you with more than you asked for.

Introducing Scott Foster.

Scott and I were introduced to one another by his wonderful sister-in-law Mindy. Mindy is a kindergarten teacher at the same school I am interning at. She is a beautiful person who seemed to have a very outgoing personality... but unfortunately I did not know her that well- in fact we had never spoken before. One day in the hallway, she stops me and asks me if I had talked to Julie.... "No, why" Oh, well have you talked to Sara.... "No, why" (Both my mentor teachers) In my mind I'm thinking oh great, what have I done! And then she goes on to tell me that she has a guy for me to meet. Her brother-in-law. "He's a great guy looking for a good girl" She pretty much leaves it at that, I smile, and tell her I will think about it. Knowing that nothing will ever come out of this conversation I gone on with my day.

The next day at school, Mindy stops in at the computer lab (where my class is) and asks me if I had thought about it any. She goes on to tell me that he is cute, tall, and a good guy, and asks me if I would be willing to go on a double date and meet him. Ok- I barely know you, and I don't know him, and I'm SHY. NO- I would no be willing. So, I tell her I would look him up on Facebook, and add him as a friend, and see where it goes from there. She agrees that that would be a good idea. So, I wait a couple of days, and then send him a friend request. He immediately sends me a message, and we begin talking for a couple of days on the computer. He finally gets brave enough and asks me for my phone number. When he called for the first time, I was on the other line with my mentor teacher, so I didn't answer.

1. Because I was on the phone.
2. I was way to nervous to answer and talk to him.
3. I'm new to this whole dating thing!

After I get off of the phone with Sara, I work up enough courage to call him back. The good news is, he was nervous too, so our phone conversation did not even last 2 minutes. He quickly asked me if I would want to go to a razorback basketball game with him. I said Yes. Mistake? Maybe. The only reason I would have said no was because my UNIT (which was worth a lot of points, and lot of work) was due the next day. So I had to make a decision. A. Finish my unit or B. Go on a date with a complete stranger who I know nothing about except for the fact that he's supposedly cute, tall and a great guy. I chose choice B. = )

Our first date deserves a post of it's own. It's priceless.

My goal is to blog more often, and keep you up to date on my life. Wish me luck!