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Hello! And welcome to "Following the Fosters". I am a second grade teacher who loves making kids feel safe, loved, and extra special! My husband is self employed and together we live a happily married life with our wonderful dog, Kiwi. We love spending time with each other, but more importantly we love serving God and putting others first. Thanks for stopping by and I hope you enjoy Following the Fosters!

Sunday, March 27, 2011

Wedding Program

Our wedding program is one thing that I have put on the back burner, and can't decide on what to do! I have asked sweet Jessica if she has any ideas because she is so creative!! Our wedding is going to be outside, and we are looking for something cute & cheap! It amazes me on how much they charge when you buy them online. I was going to try to make some, but am I crazy for thinking like that? I have never made anything like that in bulk quantities before, so should I think again? Let me know if anyone has any ideas. I'm leaning towards something that can be used as a fan, since it's going to be a scorcher outside. Please share any ideas that you might have!! = ) Thanks!!

Monday, March 21, 2011

Now Showing...

"Our Wedding Party"

I am proud to announce the cast of our Wedding Party!

Each person in our Wedding means a lot to Scott and I. We are very blessed to have each of these people in our lives. Thank you for always being there for us, and supporting us on our BIG DAY!

Name: Becke' Stuart
Role: Matron of Honor
Relationship: Bride's Sister

God has truly blessed me with a beautiful sister, and friend. Becke' is a great role model whom I can always turn to for advice. She is very wise and always has words of encouragement. I couldn't have asked for a better Matron of Honor, I look forward to asking her many more questions about marriage and maybe even children one day, since she does such a great job with her family! Thank you for always being there for me, and helping me become who I am today.

Name: Mindy Foster
Role: Bridesmaid
Relationship: Groom's Sister

I remember when Mindy first started at Shaw, and I thought she was the most precious thing ever! She's just as cute and bubbly on the inside as she is on the outside. Mindy has two beautiful daughters, and her and her husband are expecting their third child in September. Mindy is the person I owe all my thanks and appreciation to for introducing Scott and I. I look forward to spending more time with Mindy and her family!

Name: Traci Rhoades
Role: Bridesmaid
Relationship: Friend of the Bride

Traci is a beautiful friend with a beautiful heart for the Lord. Her positive attitude and heart of gold, makes her a joy to be around. Traci and I have gone to school together, church, and played softball together. There's not a day goes by that I don't think about her and her sweet husband. Thank you for keeping me sane in school and always being there for me!

Name: Jennifer Holtby
Role: Bridesmaid
Relationship: Future Sister in Law

Jennifer is the most perfect girl for my brother. Kirby and Jennifer are also getting married in June, and I have the privilege to be in their wedding as well. Jennifer has a very fun and outgoing personality... and beautiful red hair!!! I can't wait to watch her and my brother's love grow for each other and see what all God provides them with in the future! (kids!!) Congratulations Jen!

Name: Kyle Foster
Role: Best Man
Relationship: Groom's Brother

Kyle and Scott have had the opportunity to work together and travel the world for the past seven years. Kyle and Scott are so much alike! They both have such a calm and welcoming personality. I have never seen either one get mad and raise their voice. , Scott has a GREAT best man in line for the wedding!

Name: Brad Foster
Role: Groomsmen
Relationship: Groom's Brother

What a great role model for Scott, and everyone else in the family! Brad is the oldest of all the children, and definitely leads by example! Brad is married, and has 5 beautiful children. They are all as sweet and loving as he is. Not only is Brad taking on the role of a groomsmen, but he's also helping us with our invitations, as well as videography. Thanks Brad you're the best!!!

Name: Zack Hollowell
Role: Groomsmen
Relationship: Friend of the Groom
What a character! There is never a dull moment when Zack is around. Zack has such a fun and outgoing personality that always keeps you smiling. Zack and Scott actually went to school together, and still have the most perfect friendship. It's rare to keep friends from high school, but they've still got it going on!

Name:Colt Bartholomew
Role: Groomsmen
Relationship: Friend of the Groom

Colt has a beautiful wife. Natalie, and an adorable son! Colt is another great friend from high school that Scott still keeps in touch with. Colt and Scott hardly get to see each other like they use to, but just from listening to Scott talk about him, you know that he still holds a special place in his heart!!! I look forward to spending time with Colt and Natalie and getting know them better!

Name: Shawna Brumett
Role: Guest Book
Relationship: Friend of the Bride

Shawna and I met several years ago when we both worked at the bank. I actually use to be Shawna's boss at the bank and now she is my boss at work at Sassy's.... which is an amazing restaurant her and her husband opened up! I'm so proud of their hard work and accomplishments. Shawna is a great friend who is always willing to listen and help! I was able to watch her plan her wedding a few years ago, and now it's great to have her to be able to turn to for advice!

Name: Stephanie Mereweather
Role: Guest Book
Relationship: Friend of the Bride

Oh my goodness, where do I start. Stephanie and I also met at the bank a few years ago, and even though neither one of us still work there, our friendship is still growing strong! I always tease Stephanie and tell her that she was lost before she met me! From wearing no eye liner, to wearing "boat shoes", her life has changed a lot!! hehe Stephanie just gave birth yesterday to two beautiful children, Ella and Aiden. I am so happy for her and Keith and I can't wait to watch them grow!

Name: Kirby Martens
Role: Usher
Relationship: Bride's Brother

What an amazing brother! Even though, Kirby likes to keep us on our toes with accidents,he's still a great guy! Kirby is a youth minister, and it excites me to see his love and passion for kids at that age, even though I prefer the younger ones! Kirby has a very outgoing personality that can easily light up a room. I am thankful for such an amazing brother that God has blessed me with.

Name: Nick Emerson
Role: Usher
Relationship: Friend of the Groom

Nick and Scott have been friends for only a few years now, but they are so much a like! Nick has been blessed with a beautiful wife and son and the Emerson family is such a joy to be around! Both Nick and Rachel are loving people with a BIG heart. I couldn't have asked for better people to spend time with on a regular basis. =)

Name: Justin Cobb
Role: Usher
Relationship: Groom's Brother in Law

Justin is a great addition to the Foster Family, even though you've got to watch your back when you're around him!! Justin just got a new job at the Fire Department, and I'm so excited for him! Also, I enjoy spending time with Justin and his amazing wife and kids. There whole family is a lot of fun, and I enjoy being around all of them.

Name: John Cobb
Role: Usher
Relationship: Friend of the Groom

Several years ago Scott had the oppurtunity to be in John's wedding, and now Scott and I are both excited to have him in our wedding! I'm curious to see what all John has in store for Scott's truck during the wedding. I've heard stories, and what goes around comes around!!

Flower Girls
  • Micah

  • Kenzie

  • Ruthie

  • Charli

  • Maddie

  • Gracie

Ring Bearer

  • Eli

Sign Carrier

  • Sam

Candle Lighter

  • Cade

And a Special Thanks to my mother, who is helping this day be a dream come true!

Thursday, March 10, 2011

Engagement Pictures

Not only has God blessed me with a beautiful sister who is a great role model. But he has also blessed her with may great talents such as being loving, a great singer, and photographer. This past weekend, Scott and I headed down to where she lives and had two great photo shoots. Both my sister and Scott were so patient as we changed outfits, and tried several different poses. = ) I loved the way they turned out, but most of all I loved the fact that I got to spend the weekend with my sister, brother-n-law and my adorable nephews. Thank you. Love ya sis!


Wednesday, March 2, 2011


Yes, you read that right- I am officially engaged to the man of my dreams. First, let me start off by saying that I couldn't have created a better man for myself. God was truly looking out for me when he brought Scott into my life. He definitely did a much better job then I could have ever dreamed of! I'm sure the main 2 main things you want to know right now are (1) How did he propose? (2) What does the ring look like? Well, you're in luck, because I'm going to tell you!

(1) How did he propose?

All day Scott kept telling me that I was coming over as soon as school was out, but then he had changed it to 4:30 because he had to go help one of his friends get up cows. So, after school I head home to clean out my car and change clothes. I had sent Scott a text asking him if we were doing anything tonight, and he said no, we'll just sit around the house, so I put on black windsuit pants, a razorback t-shirt, and house shoes, and left my house. Around 4:45 he started texting me asking me where I was. I informed him that I needed to go shopping first, then I would be over there. He said no, I just need to come over, so I told him he could meet me in town, and we could so some shopping together. But how ironic- his truck was broken, and he couldn't drive it, so I told him I would come pick him up. On my way there I decided to stop by Maca because I knew they closed at 6:00, and we wouldn't make it back in time to go, so I ran in there real quick. And when I say real quick, I mean real quick!! It was a fast shopping trip! (Ok, maybe not in Scott's eyes, but that's only because he was waiting on me)

I finally got to Scott's around 5:30.... and I just left my house at 4:45- see that was a fast shopping trip. As I pulled up I noticed that his truck was missing, and my chalkboard that I had bought not to long ago was sitting in the middle of his shop. As I got out of my car, I was thinking to myself, what in the world is he doing with my chalkboard! As I walked up closer, I noticed there was writing on the chalkboard, a note... to me!

Dear Amelia,
Please take Roxy to the bottom of the filed. I'll be waiting on you.
Then follow the clues the rest of the way. Love ya!

P.S. Text if you get lost (I know you)


**Roxy is Scott's horse**


Not really knowing what to think, I started to search his "house" trying to find him! Then I went to the back of the shop and found Roxy tied up to the trailer. His truck was also in the back, so I opened the door to see if he was in there, Nope, he wasn't! So, I walked over to Roxy, and found a pink rose sitting on the saddle... for me?!?

I took the rose off of the saddle, hopped on Roxy, and headed to the bottom of the field. *Don't forget, I'm in windsuit pants, a t-shirt and house shoes, and I'm riding a horse*

I could see Scott in the distance on another horse, but he definitely would not let me get close to him. It was like a movie where someone sees a "ghost" and they keep following it, not really knowing where they're going.

After riding for a little bit, not knowing whether to walk, trot, or run on Roxy, I finally came to my first clue. Scott had hand painted a sign that says Scott <3>

Along the way there were random roses tied to trees to lead the trail.

*Sorry, the pictures are kind of blurry. = (

When I finally got to the bottom I was shaking! First, I was cold, but I was also nervous! But felt at ease when I saw Scott standing there with his precious smile on his face, that melts my heart! At that point all I wanted to do was hug him, and never let go! But, I did because I had to walk over to the blanket on the ground, with a bouquet of flowers, and strawberry shortcake. As I'm standing over there checking it all out, he walks over to where I am, get's down on one knee, and asks me to marry him!

*Note, there was obviously something in his contact that was bothering him, because his eye's started to water... pretty bad!

All I could do was squeal and squeak, and no words would come out~ But finally I got the words yes out. = )

He held me tight forever, before I actually even really looked at the ring. Again, all I wanted to do was hug him forever, and never let go!

Well, this is the SWEET STORY of my engagement, it was a dream come true, and he truly did do a GREAT job. I was very proud!

(2) What does the ring look like?


Scott picked out my ring all by himself, and he did an amazing job.(He might have had a little bit of help from his sister-n-law!) I couldn't have picked a better one out for myself. It's beautiful. Or at least I think so. Diamonds are like cars, everybody has there own preference, and everybody likes different things, but I feel like it is perfect for me!

It's the antique style, with a cushion cut diamond in the middle.

The End! = )