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Tuesday, June 7, 2011

A Very Productive Day

Today was what I call a VERY PRODUCTIVE DAY! And I definitely needed one of those.

Thanks to my dear friend/Bridesmaid Traci I was able to almost finish all of the wedding programs, paint a mailbox, clothespins, picture frames, burlap and meet with the guys who are catering the wedding.

The big stressor here lately has been the wedding programs, and the good news is that I am almost done! Traci was SO much help today. From blinging to rounding corners to hole punching to tying ribbon- she did it ALL. It feels so good to have them almost done. Now all I have to do is go back to Hobby Lobby tomorrow for the 5, 342 time and buy some more ribbon.

I also painted a mailbox today to put on the gift table for cards at the reception. = ) It turned out pretty cute!!

And my last big project of the day, which I just finished a few minutes ago were burlap letters that say "Mr & Mrs" and "Just Married". I was going to order some on Etsy, but since we are now down to 10 fingers and 7 toes (Scott's way of counting down) I was afraid we might not have enough time. So I decided to make my own.... and they work for me!

I hope everyones having a GREAT week!