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Saturday, December 31, 2011

Keystone Day 2

This morning when I opened my eyes I saw snow. Real SNOW! It was actually snowing here in Keystone this morning, and thank goodness it was- because these mountains need some snow. Unfortunately some very high winds decided to join the snow this morning so it closed down several of the main lifts. And since so many of the lifts were closed, the lines were CRAZY long. But, not only where the lines long... it felt like -6 outside and the wind was blowing around 70 mph. So, it was pretty chilly and crowded on the slopes this morning, but luckily it cleared out in the afternoon and it turned into an amazing day of snow skiing.

Hot Chocolate and tissues... 2 things you can't live without on the slopes!

Lost Item of the Day: Glove Liner = (
Sweet Husband Move of the Day: He carried my skies for me! = )

Friday, December 30, 2011

Keystone Day 1

Today was our first day to ski the beautiful mountains in Keystone, Colorado. We had beautiful weather with lot's of sunshine- but, there was also a lot of wind AND the mountains are lacking some snow right now. Out of 130+ slopes only 60 of them are open. And mother nature is starting to stick through many of the slopes that are open. They are trying their best to keep the basic slopes open and have the fake snow machines running non-stop. But it's definitely not the same as fresh powder.

We started of our morning being lazy and sleeping in a little bit. Scott and I both slept horribly the night before. We were both tossing and turning and kept each other up all night. It was the longest night ever! So we finally got up and hit the slopes around 10. After waiting in line for a very long time for lift tickets... we finally hit the slopes (after waiting in line to get on a lift) Our first run down we both made it with out falling, but I will say that Scott is a speedy skier and spends some time waiting on me. Poor Guy! After we ate some yummy pizza for lunch, we hit the slopes again but this time I dropped my ski pole of off the lift on our way to the top of the mountain. Awww man! I've never done this before and I felt like an idiot for doing it just then. We continued to go up the lift and I skied down the mountain with one pole. (Of course due to the lack of snow, the slope my pole was on- was closed) So, we hopped back on the lift and tried to figure out exactly where it was- and we found it! It was about 300 yards up from where the lift starts, so I told Scott I'm going to hike and get it! Beats paying for a new pole! As sweet as his is, he says that he will get it and that he has a plan. So we head down the slope and as we get to the bottom- he darts over and tries to make it as far as he can to where the pole will be, which isn't far... = ( Then he pops his skies off and starts hiking through the trees to get to the slope on the other side. Gulp, I'm thinking, he's going to kill me! So, I pop my skies off and head over to the edge to watch him, and I keep seeing him go for a little bit, and then stop.... and then he'll go for a little bit more.... and stop. In my mind I'm thinking what is wrong with him- is he hurt? Is he sick? Or is he just tired- out of breath? Now, keep in mind he's hiking 300 yards up a STEEP hill in ski boots and just in case you forgot- we are in the mountains of Colorado where there's a lack of air supply! He finally makes it to the pole and heads back down the mountain. Oh my goodness I'm thinking, he's not going to make it! He finally makes it back over to where he left his skies and bless his heart he is worn out! And honestly- I don't even know if I'd still be breathing if I were the one who had just made that hike. But anyways... to make a long story short- my awesome, amazing, sweet, loving, caring, number 1 husband saved my ski pole today!! He's the best!! But on the downside he has not felt well since making that hike and I hope I did not cause him to get sick. It's 10:00 and he's been asleep for a good 2 hours, which is not like him at all. Poor baby!

Hopefully tomorrow I will not lose anything!

Wednesday, December 21, 2011

School Wide Pajama Day

Today was pajama day at school and it was great! I have decided that every day should be pajama day at school. How awesome and comfortable are pajamas... especially at school for 8 hours. = ) Today was pretty much a blow off day at school. We started off the morning with an awards assembly, then we headed to the classroom to do an ornament exchange. We played a game where I read a story with lots of "lefts and rights" and the kids had to pass their ornament to the left when I said left and right when I said right. It was a great way to practice listening as well as which way is left and right! I will say we probably had to start over about 5 times before they got the hang of it! After that we finished watching How the Grinch Stole Christmas, since we did not get to finish it from Grinch Day last Friday. Then, it was lunch time, Christmas Sing-along and movie time with the principal. Like I said, it was a great day, but it went by very slowly!! Could it be because I was VERY ready for the break!?

Back to Grinch Day... A day full of Green and the Grinch
I started off Grinch day by decorating the classroom and door so that the kids could have the BEST Grinch day ever! Then as soon as they got in the room, they made their own Grinch masks. During Reading Workshop, we did a rotation where the students made "Who Stew" where they turned who words into real words, Grinch Readers Theatre, Grinch Verb tense, and another word activity. Then the students got to make a cute craft where they made their own grinch and said how they would make a Grinch Grin. One of my favorites "I would tickle his toes" Then we tried to make a Grinch Glyph which turned into a BIG mess and headache for Mrs. Foster! It was horrible. They were super cute, but I don't know if I will be putting that on the agenda again for next year, especially since it used up all our construction paper! We ended the day with watching the Grinch and eating Who Pudding and drinking Grinch Juice!

My classroom door... I don't know why the picture turned sideways. sorry!
The Grinch Team

On a more positive note- I finished my Christmas shopping tonight! I dragged Scott to the mall and we got it done! I even found a Christmas present for me, that I DO NOT KNOW ABOUT. wink wink. When we got home I spent several hours wrapping and even though our living room looks like Santa's Shop- I'm still not done. But it will all be worth it in the end, right?

Work Christmas Party

Tuesday, December 20, 2011

Just one more day

As the bell dismissal bell rang today... I ran out into the hallways singing"Just One More Day" to the tune of Annie's Tomorrow, Tomorrow song. All of the teachers (and students got a kick out of it) But it's true... Just one more day until Christmas Break. Then it's time to kick it gear and finish some last minute shopping and wrapping. The wrapping situation might be backed up a little bit, so if you get bored over the next few days let me know and I can put you to work! It's funny to me how wrapping gifts use to be such a treat as a kid, but now it's such a job! And I use to think mom was being super nice when she'd let us wrap most of the gifts- now I know the truth. It's torture!
On top of wrapping gifts, I need to mail out our Christmas Cards. I got them printed and most of them filled out, but I can't manage to stick a stamp on them and get them in the mail. Goodness, I'm pathetic! But here's our Christmas card picture, thanks to the beautiful and talented Becke' Stuart!

In the teaching world there is never a dull moment in the classroom. The other day I had a little boy decide it would be a great idea to give another little girl in my class a new look for Christmas. Out of the blue he grabs a pair of scissors and cuts a chunk of her hair out. She immediately bursts out into tears and says my mom's going to kill me- I did this in kindergarten and she never forgave me! Honey, I know your mom forgave you and this time it wasn't your fault... It's not even noticeable... gulp, gulp. Let's just say this turned into a trip to the office and 2 phone calls from the principal.

Tonight has ended magnificently, with me sweet talking Scott into opening 2 of his Christmas presents. Not just 1, but 2! I love the holidays and I love giving gifts, it's the most wonderful time of the year!! ( Ok, he say's I threatened him into opening them, and I might have started opening them for him since he wouldn't!) But it was still a GREAT night.

Monday, December 19, 2011

Looking Back... June 25, 2011

What a great day it was on June 25, 2011. It was the day I married my best friend. The man of my dreams, the man that still knows how to make my heart go pitter patter on a daily basis. The man I call my husband. I couldn't be any happier then I am now. I am happily married and it's my honor to share our wedding pictures with you. My wedding was a dream come true and it will be a day I will never forget thanks to all of our friends and family who helped it become a true success. It was beautiful and perfect for us.

My Dress

The First Look...

Priceless <3
The Rings
Who needs a beautiful chapel as a background when you have a HOT brother-n-law

The "Martens" Family
My Grandparents... Nana and Grandad
My Amazing Parents
The "Foster" Family
The best in-laws ever
Bridal Party
Beautiful Flower Girls
Jump... Jump... Jump!!!
My precious bridesmaids
Worlds Best Matron of Honor... love you!
The Great Groomsmen
Too Cute!
ALL the boys

Daddy's Little Girl

Father-Daughter Dance

Here we go... we are married!!
Yes, I will kiss you Mr. Foster!
Grooms Cake
Wedding Cake
Fruit Buffett

Candy Buffett
Yes... and they were adorable!!

Photos by Todd Owens Photography